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*Film Festivals: "Ubermensch"

April 28th 2024

The short film Ubermensch, directed by Michael Micalizzi , Produced by Jillian Leslie and written, co-Produced by Gamze Ceylan, starring Brian Kelly and Gamze Ceylan, has entered film festivals. We were nominated for best short film in Drama at the Ney York Cinefest 2024. Up next is the Coney Island Film Festival May 3-5 2024. Follow us on IG @ubermensch.


*Reading: "AlAA- The Child Guru-Part 1"

April 25th 2024

Gamze participated in A workshop reading of a new trilogy by Adam El Sayigh about the Egyptian Revulutionary Alaa El- Fattah was presented at NYU Abu Dhabi through the leadership of Catherine Coray. Directed by Kate Moore Heaney.

*Short Film: "This Time"

March 19th 2023

Gamze will star in a short film by Jen Tchiakpe, that deals with family dynamics that are affected by OCD and it's healing process'. Produced by Cameron Steinfeld, DP: Geoffrey Taylor, also starring Dea Julien.


*Reading:'Kal and Dija save the World'

June 28th 2022

Gamze took part in a new workshop and play reading by The Civilians R&D member Denmo Ibrahim, directed by Evren Odcikin. @ Theaterlab, @7.30pm.



March 15th 2022

Gamze just wrapped as a guest star in CBS' popular show "fbi", directed by Jon Cassar, starring Missy Peregrym and  Zeeko Zaki. The episode is called 'Fear Nothing' and will air on April 19th at 8pm on CBS. 

*Upcoming Readings: 'American Fast' and 'Stay Safe'

October 15th and 25th 2021

Gamze will be involved in Kareem Fahmy's 'American Fast' at the Ma-Yi Studio on October 15th at 3pm, directed by Reginald Douglas  and in Stav Palti-Negev's 'Stay Safe' at the 14th Street Y on October 25th at 7.30pm, directed by Noa Egozi. 


*'Tribeca Film Festival': Award Winner

June 17th 2021

'Leylak', dir. by Scott Aharoni and Denis Latos, prod./Written by Mustafa Kaymak, a short film Gamze acted in with nadir Saribacak, Isabella Haddock won A Special Mention Jury Award at the Tribeca Film Festival 2021.

*'Roadkill': Award Winner

Jan 10th 2021

Gamze won Best Actress at the Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival for her work in Roadkill, a short film Written and dir. by Aliza Brugger.


*'Play Reading'

December 8th 2020

Public Zoom reading of 'View From Up Here' by Marco Calvani, dir. by Nicoletta Mandriotti and featuring Sara Antkowiak and Gamze Ceylan For Planet Connections Zoomfest.

*'Play Reading'

October 5th 2020

Public Zoom Reading of 'Opet Diaries' by Melis Aker, dir. by Awoye Timpo, featuring Barzin Akhavan, Olivia Abiassi, Babak Gharaei-Tafti and Gamze Ceylan for the Dramatist Guild Foundation.

*'Play Reading'

August 10th 2020

Public Zoom Reading of 'TV Interview'/'Layla in LALa' by Rohina Malik, directed by Kathleen O'Neill, with Morgan McCabe and Gamze Ceylan for Planet Connections ZoomFest.

*'Play Reading' 

August 7th 2020

Public Zoom Reading of 'The Hijabis' by Rohina Malik, directed by Genevieve Fowler, with : Susaan Jamshidi, Maryam Abdi, Juan Villa, Yousof Sultani, Anita Chandwaney, Amro Salama, Annalise Raziq, Juliana Morgan Alvarez, Malcolm Callan, Luke Peters, Robert Koon and Gamze Ceylan.

*Film: 'Leylak'

August 1st 2020

Gamze is starring as Tulay Celik in 'Leylak', a film by Mustafa Kaymak, Scott Aharoni and Dennis latos. The film Follows the relationship of a father and a daughter during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Starring nadir Saribacak and Isabella Haddock.

(Mustafa Kaymak won the Sundance Festival in 2019- short film category- as writer and producer of the film 'GREEN'.) 


*'Play Reading' 

June 11th 2020

Public Zoom Reading of 'Triggerman' by Ebru Nihan Celkan, directed by Handan Ozbilgin Bromley. With: Tony Naumovski, Rodney Nelson, Sinan Eczacibasi , Una Bharat, Juan Collado, Ararat More, Joel Lloyd and Gamze Ceylan. 


*'Play Reading' 

April 28th 2020

Public Reading On ZOOM of 'Dragonflies' by Melis Aker, directed by Mia Walker, with Layan ElWazani, Paul Schneider, Oriah Elgrabli and Gamze Ceylan.



January/February 2020

'Star tribune':  "Ceylan, a Turkish-German performer living in New York, invests her title character with flinty determination. She’s alternately spiky and cerebral in the role, giving us a window into Noura’s thoughts as this new American tries so passionately to hold onto what she lost even as her focus and grip threatens to rob her of what she can gain."

'Mpls/St.Paul Magazine':  "Gamze Ceylan (Noura) emphasizes Noura’s intense internal conflict with a thoughtful attitude. She plays the character with the determination of someone taking charge and the urgency of someone who has experienced great loss." 

'Twin Cities Arts':  "... it’s an engaging, well-told tale enacted by a sharp cast, especially Gamze Ceylan in the title role."

'Broadway World':  "Ceylan as Noura is vital and loving and funny, and also anxious and agitated. Her energy will seem familiar to many women in our culture today, trying to honor their personal needs while managing marriage and motherhood."

'City Pages':   "While the play’s rhythms are familiar, the substance of their lives is suffused with painful ambiguity. Under the direction

of Taibi Magar, Ceylan draws a powerful portrait."

'Twin Cities.Com':  "Ceylan juggles a dozen different kinds of internal and external conflict, but it’s always possible to see her character’s processes."

'NBC's Kare 11':   "The intensity of Gamze Ceylan's performance helps to bring Noura and her wrenching choices to life."

'Bleeding Edge':  "The story itself tells of the title character, here played by Gamze Ceylan with a bright, frazzled quality that hides bottomless frustration and survivor's guilt."

'Cherry and Spoon':  "Gamze Ceylan is magnificent as Noura, taking her through the entire emotional journey in a way that feels brutally real."

'Compendium':  "As Noura, Gamze Ceylan is moving and confined, conveying an almost crazed appetite for comfort and familiarity. Watching Ceylan unravel is difficult but vital, and she fully takes us all down with her."

'Playlist':  "Gamze Ceylan’s performance brings pensive honesty to the multilayered Noura who finds clear and evident joy in the chaos of the holiday. Ceylan lays bare the whirlwind of doubt Noura feels as she navigates a world and culture that expects a woman to be at once individualistic and incredibly community focused."

'Stages of MN':  "Noura is played by Gamze Ceylan. Noura could be played, by a lesser actor, as a bundle of contradictions. Noura wants different things and they are not always compatible. Ceylan somehow always makes it clear to us that she understands the disconnect and we understand her motivations within a given moment. She’s not a string of random acts, it all comes from her character. Ceylan clearly has an understanding of that character and so she feels real to us. Whether she is being a loving mother to Yazen or having a devastatingly candid argument with Tareq, she is absolutely in the moment, a truly mesmerizing performance."

'Talkin' Broadway':  "Gamze Ceylan is stunning as Noura, contending with a maelstrom of emotions, expressing uncertainties of herself and her husband, striking out with inflamed indignation and retreating into despair."

*Interview: Broadway World MPLS

February 7th 2020

Below is a link to Gamze's interview with Broadway World (Minneapolis) about her starring role in Guthrie Theater's Production of 'NOURA'.

*Guthrie Noura Promo

February 3rd 2020

Listen to director Taibi Magar talking about the process for Noura, by Heather Raffo and starring Gamze Ceylan, Layan Elwazani, Fajer Kaisi, Kal Naga and Aarya Batchu and Akshay Krishna.

*NBC's Kare 11 Interview

January 23rd 2020

Gamze was interviewed by NBC's Kare 11 for Guthrie Theater's production of 'NOURA', by Heather Raffo and directed by Taibi Magar. Watch the interview here:

*FOX 9 TV Interview

January 21st 2020

Gamze was interviewed by Minneapolis' own Fox 9 Channel for Guthrie Theater's Production of 'NOURA', by Heather Raffo and directed by Taibi Magar.

Watch the interview here:

*Article: Broadway world's NOURA Coverage

January 14th 2020

Broadway World's Photo Flash of the Guthrie's Production of NOURA, by Heather Raffo, directed by Taibi Magar, can be seen here:, 

starring: Fajer Kaisi, Kal Naga, Layan Elwazani, Aryaa Batchu, Akshay Krishna and Gamze Ceylan.

*Theater: 'Noura' at The Guthrie Theater

December 2019-Feb 2020

Gamze will play the title role of Noura in 'Noura', a play by Heather Raffo and directed by Taibi Magar, with Fajer Kaisi, Kal Naga, Layan Elwazani, Aryaa Batchu and Akshay Krishna. Previews start January 11th 2020.

Tickets can be purchased here: 

Trailer for Noura:

*'Middle Eastern American Writers Lab' at The Lark

October 7&8th 2019

Gamze's short play 'Snoozing at the Altitude of 6.42am' will be presented at the MEA Playwriting Event at the Lark Playwriting Center, starring Nicole Ansari, Victoria Nassif and Louis Sallan. Gamze will also act in Leila Buck and Stav Palti-Negev's pieces at this event. For more info go to:

*Vermont Retreat: A Charette

August 26th 2019

Retreat in Vermont with Louis Sallan, Salma Zohdi, Amanda Rafuse, Gethsamene Herron, Lisa Christie, Channie Waites, Zhailon Levingston and Jarvis Greene.

*Workshop: Julia May Jonas' new Play

June 24th 2019

Workshop and table work for Jonas' new play, directed by Taylor Reynolds at the Bushwick Starr.

*Reading: Columbia Univercity's International Play Reading Festival

June 14th 2019

Gamze will play Funda Eser in a play adaptation of Orhan Pamuk's 'Snow', by Blandine Savetier and  Waddah Saab. Starts at 7 pm at Lenfest Center for the Arts.

*Theater: Noor Theatre's 'The 48 Hour Forum', at the Lark

May 27th & 28th 2019

Gamze is performing in Sanaz Toossi's short play 'The Welcoming Committee', directed by Taylor Reynolds, with Hana Chamoun, Jennifer Tchiakpe and Anita Abdinezhad. 


*TV: 'True North', Plot Surfer Productions

May 1st 2019

Gamze is playing the recurring role of 'Det. Ceylan Jucker' in the Upcoming German Streaming TV Series 'True North', created/Produced/Directed by Stephen Dürr. Production started in January 2019. more at

*Reading: 'Charlaine', Akkaya Films

April 27th 2019

A further table read of a new draft of the film 'Charlaine' by Lyralen Kaye & Gabrielle Demeestere, production by Mevlut Akkaya.


*Reading: 'Gilded Isle', NYTW

April 26th 2019

Gamze is part of the upcoming reading of 'Gilded Isle' by Melis Aker, dir. by Rory McGregor at NYTW, the 3rd floor Rehearsal Rooms, with Rita Wolf, James Rana, Rasha Zamamiri, Sinan Eczacibasi, Joshua Chessin-Yudin and Max Fitzroy-Stone. The reading is at 3pm.


*Reading: 'Arab Voices', NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

April 18th 2019

Gamze is part of the upcoming reading of 'Damascus/Aleppo' by Abdullah Al-Kafri, dir. by Kirstin Horton at NYU Abu Dhabi Institute. The reading is at 6pm. 


*Reading 'The Sphinx', Voyage Theater Company

February 21st 2019

Gamze played the Sphinx in Neil Fleming's brilliant play about the famous story with the famous riddle and the dude. Directed by Voyage Theater's Wayne Maugans, at the 53rd Library auditorium.

*Devised Workshop: En Garde Arts

January 19-21st 2019

Devised work with En Garde Arts commissioning writer Leila Buck, directed by Tamilla Woodard, with Ali Andre Ali, Jens Rasmussen, Melis Aker, Victoria Nassif, Rasha Zamamiri and Gamze Ceylan.

*Reading: 'Our Places on Earth' with SATC

December 9th 2018

'Our Places on Earth' by Lidija Praizovic is a part of the Scandinavian American Theater Company's (SATC) reading festival NS2 of New Scandinavian Theater, on Dec 9th at 4pm at the Clurman Theater at Theater Row (410 West 42nd Street, New York City). Gamze will play the lead character Sara; a tale of a Croatian doctor's memoirs of the 90's in the lands formerly known as Yugoslavia.

*Reading: 'Mecca Tales'

November 7th 2018

An updated production version of 'Mecca Tales' by Rohina Malik was presented at Iona College, with the following cast:  Socorro Santiago, Mariam Habib, Najla Said, Abraham Makany, Shetal Shah and Gamze Ceylan. 

*reading: ''

October 18th 2018

A new play by Sedef Ecer, a Turkish-French playwright. The reading is directed by the wonderful Lisa Rothe and features Dashiell Eaves, Kevin R. Free, Ana Grosse, Michelle Vo and Gamze Ceylan. Hosted by the Voyage Theater Company.

In a world of chaos, where international alliances have collapsed, everyone has become a refugee fleeing conflict and famine. As border crossing becomes increasingly dangerous, a lucrative commodity emerges in the digital marketplace. Your only hope for safety is a phone app: Follow the stories of three brave women — digital nomads — traversing the landscape in a new dystopian reality.

The reading will partake at NYPL, 18 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10018, at 7pm on Thursday, October 18 2018.


*TV: Netflix's Remake of 'Tales of the City'

September 19th & October 1st 2018

Gamze will step into Officer Patel's shoes in Netflix's new remake of Armistead Maupin's 'Tales of the City' with Laura Linney, Victor Garber and Olmpia Dukakis, directed by Stacie Passon & Patricia Cardoso (episodes 5 & 7).

*Reading: 'Atlantic Theater MixFest'

August 8-16th 2018

Gamze is taking part in Atlantic Theater's Middle Eastern MixFest. Works include Heather Raffo's 'Migration' play in development, Melis Aker's 'Scraps and Things' and Mona Mansour and Tala Manassah's 'Falling Down the Stairs'. directors: Tracy Cameron Francis and Omar Metwally. More at

*Theater Project With refugees in Turkey: 'Asam' and 'Support to Life'

July 2-11th 2018

Gamze created and produced her passion project of bringing 'theater workshops and classes' to Syrian refugee Kids in Turkey. The first of it's kind; these Workshops took place in Istanbul at ASAm and Support to Life, two leading Refugee Centers in Turkey. Gamze worked in collaboration with LubDub. Theater Company's Caitlin Cassidy and Geoff Kanick. Many thanks to all the Donors and supporters to our Passion project! 

*FILM: 'Roadkill'

June 9-13th 2018

Gamze portrays the lead character 'Tillie' in 'Roadkill', an independent short film by Aliza Brugger, along fellow cast member Nana Ponceleon. Shot in rural Nebraska, the film depicts a day in the life of Tillie, a hermit like recluse, who collects dead animals off the road for a living and one day encounters a woman. Release date is Winter 2018.

*Reading: 'American Dreams/Arabian Nights' at NYTW

may 21st 2018

Gamze will be a part of Leila Buck's American Dreams/Arabian Nights at New York Theater Workshop, directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh.


*Theatre: 'Field, Awakening' at Signature Theater's Ford Studio

May 2-6th 2018

Gamze played Chichek, an estranged sister and daughter, who left her privileged life and joined the all female YPJ in Melis Aker's 'Field, Awakening', directed by Tatiana Pandiani.

*Reading: 'Sandholm' at Theater Row

April 7th 2018

Gamze played the lead role of Job in Anna Bro's 'sandholm' for the Scandinavian American Theater Company

at Theater Row, directed by Kwasi Osei.

*Film: 'Ben is Back'

January 18th 2018

Gamze shot a couple of scenes with Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts in the upcoming Feature film 'Ben is Back' by Peter Hedges.


*Theatre: 'TDF Playlab'

January 12th 2018

Gamze worked on a couple of plays by up-and-coming 'TDF Playlab' participants directed by Stevie Walker-Webb and Noelle Ghoussaini. 

*BRICLab: 'American Dreams/Arabian Nights'

December 7 and 8th 2017

Presenting a Weeklong Lab work of Leila Buck's play @ BRIC House, directed by Noelle Ghoussaini with Leila Buck, Caitlin Cassidy, Jens Rasmussen, Louis Sallan and Gamze ceylan. @ 7pm both dates

*Two Plays Simultaneously:'The Same Day' and 'The Bee'

November 2nd 2017

Gamze is performing in "the same day" by Stefan Ivanov and dir. by John Michael DiResta at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center ( and at the same time also in "the bee" by Sean Michael Welch and dir by Melody Erfani at the HB Studio Residency Theater (

review by Anthony piccione for 'The Bee':"...while Gamze Ceylan delivered a particularly strong and passionate performance in the role of Rahman..." link:

*TV: New Netflix Series 'Seven Seconds'

May 15th 2017

Recurring as Dr. Sayegh in Seven Seconds, dir. by Victoria mahoney, with Clare-Hope Ashitey.

*Workshop: NYTW Fellowship Program

April 28th 2017

Workshopping a play by Francis Weiss Rabkin and music by Leslie Allison, directed by Noelle Ghoussaini.


*Readings: 'Mecca tales' and 'Shame'

March 29th and April 12th 2017

Another reading of Rohina Malik's wonderful 'Mecca Tales' on March 29th and an upcoming reading of Sholeh Wolpe's amazing 'Shame' at the Centenary Stage Company on April 12th. 


*TV: New Netflix Series 'Seven Seconds'

January 24th 2017

Played Dr. Sayegh opposite Regina King and Russell Hornsby in 'Seven Seconds', a new Series coming up on Netflix ; written by Veena Sud and directed by Gavin O'Connor.

*Reading: 'Yasmina's Necklace' by Rohina Malik

November 2nd 2016

JEFF nominated new play by Rohina Malik, up and coming Chicago playwright. Directed by Ari Laura Kreith; At Iona College on Wednesday Nov 2nd 2016 @4pm and 7PM, with cast: Juan Villa, Arash Mokhdar, Amr El-Bayyoumi, Rajesh Bose, Maria Peyramaure, Beth Devlin and Gamze Ceylan.

*Reading: 'Haram Iran' by Jay Paul Deratany

October 15th, 2016

Reading of a brand new play by Jay Paul Deratany, that deals with a true event regarding the accusation of homosexuality between two teenage boys. Directed by Adam Weinstock.

*Reading: Betty Shamieh’s new ‘Codes of Honor’

SEPtember 28 2016

Workshop reading of Betty Shamieh’s new play ‘Codes of Honor’ at LPAC, directed by Handan Ozbilgin Bromley. Monday Sept. 26th @ 8pm.

*Reading: 'GRAVEYARD OF NEW BEGINNINGS' by Rohina Malik

MAY 05 2016

4/30/16 – A table read of Rohina Malik’s  new play GRAVEYARD OF NEW BEGINNINGS at the MTC.

*Reading: 'COMMON GROUND' by Yale Ronen at the Pen World Play Festival

MAY 05 2016

4/27/16 – A reading of an English language version of Yael Ronen’s COMMON GROUND from the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, directed by Charlotte Brathwaite.

*National Tour: 'THERE IS A FIELD' by Jen Marlowe

MARch 09 2016

A national tour of a brand new play by Jen Marlow, THERE IS A FIELD is underway from March 2nd until April 10th. Here’s a link to the tour website:

*Readings of ‘Mecca Tales’ and ‘There is a Field’

NOVember 03 2015

Last Month: Reading of the powerful MECCA TALES by Rohina Malik at Crossroads Theater and up next a workshop reading of THERE IS A FIELD by Jen Marlowe at the NYTW on November 12th.

*'RoseLovePepe' with Target Margin

JULY 20th 2015

A movement piece part of the Stein LAB work with Target Margin at Connelly Theater. Directed by Handan Ozbilgin Bromley, choreographed by Henry Holmes. Cast: Merlin Whitehawk, Luisa Fer Alarcon, Juan Collado and Gamze Ceylan. June 3rd-11th 2015.

*'48 Hour Forum' with Noor Theatre

JULY 20th 2015​

On May 18th 2015: Theatre from scratch (news on the Middle East as source) in 48 Hours at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, to benefit the Noor Theatre, with Ismail Khalidi on writing, Victor Malana Maog on directing and Demosthenes Chrysan, Caitlin Cassidy and Gamze Ceylan on acting.


*A Reading of: 'PERSONA NON GRATA' by Ceren Ercan and Gulce Ugurlu

APRIL 19th 2015

A reading of a new play ‘PERSONA NON GRATA’ by Ceren Ercan and Gulce Ugurlu will take place at The Wild Project (195 E 3rd St, NY) Saturday April 25th at 2pm, directed by Handan Ozbilgin Bromley for Peonix Theatre Ensemble. With Timothy Edward Craig and Gamze Ceylan.


*'A DOLL’S HOUSE':REMIX with Epic Theatre Ensemble

APRIL 19th 2015

A re-imagining and adaptation of  ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen with Epic Theatre Ensemble’s Remix program at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts, directed by Ron Russell with Heather Raffo, Ramsey Faragallah, Jamie Rezanour, Nikki Massoud, Caitlin Cassidy, Gamze Ceylan and more…April 22nd 2015 at 7 pm!


*Reading of 'UNSEEN' by Mona Mansour

APRIL 19th 2015

The reading of Mona Mansour’s new play UNSEEN at Barnard College, directed by Lisa Rothe, took place on Monday April 13th 2015. With Erin Anderson, Nance Williamson and Gamze Ceylan.


*Reading: 'The Strangest' and 'Land /Fill' 

APRIL 2nd 2015

Just completed Betty Shamieh’s THE STRANGEST and Dahlia Taha’s LAND/FILL plays in a couple of public staged readings. Directed by Handan Ozbilgin Bromley in ROUGH DRAFT and Ismail Khalidi in PERMISSION TO NARRATE, respectively.


*Film: 'Blue Reflections', by Monica Cortez

DECEMBER 1st 2014

Just wrapped the short film Blue Reflections, by Monica Cortez. In it is the story of a woman (Ali), trying to find her place, her truth, her man at a time.


*Film: 'LITTLE SYRIA' by Francisco Sanchez

JULY 25th 2014

Wrapped LITTLE SYRIA by Francisco Sanchez, a story of an Arab-American woman, mother, daughter, fencer and architect, who has to come to terms with the realities of how discrimination affects her family, herself and her life choices.


*Reading of ‘Threshold’ by Hasan Erkek

MAY 20th 2014

May 20th at 8pm at the WILD PROJECT (195 E 3rd St), come and listen to Hasan Erkek’s ‘THRESHOLD’, a moving contemporary Turkish play. Directed by Kareem Fahmy.


*Play: ‘The Wishing Tree’ by Mustafa Kaymak at Signature Theatre’s Ford Studio

APRIL 21st 2014

Just completed Mustafa Kaymak’s beautiful play ‘The Wishing Tree’ at the Ford Studio, Signature Theatre (April 15-19), by playing a collective spirit of women in rural Turkey, as well as a nosy mother in law.


*Play: ‘Sabra Falling’ by Ismail Khalidi

SEPtember 23rd 2013

A reading of the magical play ‘Sabra Falling’ written by Ismail Khalidi, directed by Noelle Ghoussaini.  A part of the Noor Theater’s ‘Highlight’ reading series. 7.30 pm, Sept 23rd 2013.

The play’s setting is in Beirut, it’s 1982.


*Workshop/Reading: ‘The Butcher’ reading at the Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival

AUGUST 14th 2013

Week-long new works festival in Naples, Florida at the Gulfshore Playhouse, working on THE BUTCHER by Gwydion Suilebhan, directed by Cody Nickell. (8/12-17th).


*Leading Turkish Newspaper ‘Sabah’ interview

JULY 22nd 2013

Here is a link to the Sabah website. The article is in Turkish. Click here to read the article


*Workshop: ‘The Butcher’ by Gwydion Suilebhan

APRIL 9th 2013

Up next is ‘The Butcher’ by Gwydion Suilebhan at the Players Theater April 25-27th at 7pm. For tickets look up:

Here a little about the play:

In 2004, the butcher and sole proprietor of the Super Halal Market in suburban Springfield, VA ducked into the walk-in freezer to fetch some goat meat for a customer. When he returned moments later, the customer’s severed left hand lay on the floor by the meat saw, and a trail of blood led all the way out of the store. Witnesses said the customer had used the saw to cut off his own hand, yelling again and again that he was “not a terrorist.” He had done it, he screamed, “for Allah.” But what exactly had he done? And why? In the ensuing weeks, the butcher, his wife, a reporter, an investigator and one innocent family try to make sense of this ultimately bewildering (and all too true) event.


*Reading of 'THE BUTCHER'

FEBRuary 20th 2013

A play inspired by true events. THE BUTCHER is written by Gwydion Suilebhan; part of THE THEATRE PROJECT.


*Television: 'L&O SVU'

FEBRUARY 1st 2013

Co-Stared in Law & Order SVU “Funny Valentine” as Jen Blanken. dir. Jean de Segonzac, airing Feb. 27th on NBC.


*Feature Film: ‘Louder Than Words’

OCTOBER 14th 2012

Cast as a nosy journalist role in Identity Films “Louder Than Words”, opposite David Duchovny and Hope Davis. Directed by Anthony Fabian. Based on a true story, “Louder Than Words” is written by Carroll Cartwright, Produced by Anthony Mastromauro and Rod Lurie, with casting by Avy Kaufman.


*Play: ‘the wall: a story of the land’

JUNE 25th 2012

the wall is an allegorical, science-fiction performance piece that explores a projected future society, depleted of the earth’s resources; a society where a dominant community, living in the Vast Lands, live off of their oppressed neighbors by confining them within Honeycomb Reserves (walled-off communities) and using their energy to sustain their more luxurious lifestyle.

Written and directed by Noelle Ghoussaini.


*2 Readings: 'Honey and ' Crazy Blood'

JUNE 25th 2012

‘Honey’ by Bekah Brunstetter at the Lark Play Development Center, dir. Hadi Tabbal  5/31/12

‘Crazy Blood’ by Nurkan Erpulat and Jens Hillje for NYTW at the Goethe Institute, dir. Jade King Carroll  6/14/12.


*Film: ‘Daughter’

APRIL 8th 2012

Played Loubna in Assia Lakhlif’s ‘Daughter’, a short film about a middle eastern family.


*Film & Reading: National Geographic

OCTOBER 23rd 2011

First I’m off to Maine to shoot for National Geographic, playing a Denisovan Woman, a cousin-species to Neanderthals!

Next is a reading of Barbara Cassidy’s Anthropology of a Bookclub, a play in which muslim and non-muslim women get together and read, so they get to know each other better through books!

In November I will be part of an Indie feature called Colours, where I play an ex-dancer, who is trying to keep a healthy relationship to her husband, a bi-sexual father to her two kids.


*Film: 'DAVID'

AUGUST 28th 2011

The movie ‘DAVID’, in which I play David’s mother is an official selection of the World Competition at the Montreal World Film Festival! Award  receivers to be announced Sunday Aug. 28th. Fingers crossed!

Update: ‘David’ won the Ecumenical Prize at the MWFF.


*Film: 'Departures'

MARCH 2nd 2011

Just completed the short film Departures directed by Ali Y. Akarcesme, where I play Mine, a wife coming to the US for the first time to reunite with her husband after 10 years seperation.

Trailer to follow!


*Film and Play

NOVEMBER 11th 2010

Ijust wrapped another short black and white film called Best Friends, by Anita Gou. And in January 2011 I’ll be appearing in an Equity production of Lidless by Frances Ya-Chu Chowig at the InterAct Theatre in Philadelphia.


*Short Film and A Reading

OCTOBER 24th 2010

Iam currently shooting a short film called Hanan, about an immigrant single mother looking for her missing daughter. I’ve also been cast in a reading of a new play by Barbara Cassidy called Anthropology of a Book Club, about a book club that brings the diverse women in the Bay Ridge area together to talk about books and more. Stay tuned!


*Wrapping Up Off-Broadway

JUNE 26th 2010

Just finished playing Rima in the new Off-Broadway play Neither Heaven Nor Earth, a documentary theatre piece by PoliglotTheater about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, based on interviews the creators conducted over three months in the region.  Sairica Rose of Women’s Voices Now interviewed me about the experience and gave us a rave review! You can read it here.

“Gamze Ceylan…delivers a mesmerizing and powerful performance.”

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